Abstract Figurative Painting

digital painting of seated figure


I start out indulging in a free flow of lines and color until I find a form that starts telling me a story or reflecting the moment. That is what usually opens the door to a subject that captures my attention.
I then focus on the refinements of the image.
That is how it works for me.   There is a dialogue that directs me.  I call it my first language.

This dialogue has shaped and reshaped itself as I have grown with it for decades. I have worked with a number of real materials.  But when I learned how limitless the digital painting could be, I found a freedom and immediacy that I could thoroughly enjoy.  My medium is ever changing and so are the possibilities.

This site is all about my abstract figurative work done mostly on a tablet using a drawing app. I also work on a desktop when I’m working in a hyper-real style devoted to florals. That is where I found my organic shapes alive in nature.             Hyper-real Floral paintings